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Imperius Fanfiction

Imperius Fics
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This is the fic community of imperius_sort. Here members can share their writing, such as fanfictions, drabbles, poetry and other stories. Other members will give their input and constructive criticism. The stories can be Harry Potter or not, including canon characters or original and any pairings or situations your brain can come up with. Essays are also allowed so give us your thoughts on any subject in the Harry Potter books. These rules are strict and anybody breaking them will not get any sympathy. Other than that, have fun!

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1. First, the format. In the subject of the post, put the title of your selection. Follow this format:

Word Count:
Put the selection/fanfics underneath an LJ-cut. If you don’t know what that is, look it up in the FAQ.

The ratings should go like this:
G - Appropriate for all ages
PG - Slightly offensive language or situations
PG-13 - Probably not good for anyone who might be offended by some strong language or some sex, violence.
R - A lot of strong language, violence or sex.
NC-17 - VERY offensive language, sex and/or violence. (Or just porn without plot.)

2. When you post your fic, you need to tell your Head of House how many points you have received. I will comment to your entry with the points, so we have a record.

3. Absolutely no flaming. Constructive criticism is good. Authors usually prefer that. Not just “oh this is nice, I love it.” But mostly, do not flame. It’s all right not to like somebody’s writing. Preferably, you should just skip it. If you really need to say something, please do it constructively and nicely. Be polite. Be mature, especially if you don’t agree with it or if you’re offended.

4. No drama. If there is any drama or flaming contact the mod cookie_wolf.

5: If your story contains rape, abuse, personal violence or anything that can be very offensive, put a warning so nobody who may be affected reads it.

6. Use tags, including characters, subject matter, etc. This is so we can track it down later on. The mod will also be putting it in the memories.

7. Finally: Have fun and enjoy yourself and your writing.


It's twenty points for each fic. If it's readable, it's five points every five hundred words. I make the final judgement.

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